Some other webpages I have made:
Zushi Bento
Institute of Australian Education *modifications to the page have been done, not by me
Monsoon Media
Bradley's Bowl
The following websites are no longer online, but here are screenshots of how they looked:
SidebySide - entertainment company    International Students Society - University of WA Club    Bombshelle Designs - jewellery
The following are sites that I like to visit:
Old pictures from fotopic (I'm thinking of moving them all here... when I have time :P)
Photos from 2005 to early 2007 (again I will move all of them here if and when time permits ;P)
Free downloads encyclopedia - Softpedia (handy for my mac ;))
Glutinous' Home
Clara's Photos
Esther's Photos
Hana's Photos
Christine's Photos
Ray's Photos
Urvin's Page
Review Australia I hear they make some really nice clothes hehe
For my fellow kdrama friends, the following are really good for downloading dramas, movies, subtitles and absolutely anything that your heart desires! I thought I'd share the love :)
D-Addicts (my home eheh)
Fantastic Super Club (great for all asian movies) (of course with all international movies, you need subtitles right? unless you're multi-lingual. I'm not, which is why this is great hehe)
Mininova (great for everything!)
The Pirate Bay (initially in german, so change the settings to use english)
Finally, I would like to thank the following sites for helping me complete my webbie!
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials (the best place to learn!)
Dscripts (helped me with the comments section)
PHP Photo Gallery Script
HTML Codes - Table of ascii characters and symbols
Network Redux (the lovely people hosting this page!)