Its winter now, so I thought I'd change colours accordingly to the season ;) I just came back from Sydney which was heaps of fun. Highlights would have to be partying with my girlfriends and winning $40 with Chris at the casino. Downside of Sydney was getting pooped on by a seagull and catching the worst flu ever.
I've also fixed the transparency ;) the wonders of .png ;)

MAN i hate internet explorer -__-. I got rid of my drop shadow box cos it was doing something funky with my page. Too add to my list of problems with IE, the translucency isn't working in IE but it works fine in Firefox -__- heheh I like to complain :P
I've added new photos in the May-June section of memories. Also I've finally got the pics from my sisters camera and uploaded pics from our farewell bbq back in March :P You can click here for easier access ;)

Finally I've finished my pretty background!!! What do u think of it? hehehe :P You wouldn't believe how hard it is to draw leaves!! :P Pity you can't really see them clearly on my page due to the transparency -___-
Ok.. time to get a job -__- eheh

Welcome to the inaugural launch of CHOCO PIE!!!!!! ehehehe
I've finally finished it! I'm already bored of the design, even though its only been a month since I started making it :P But regardless, I think it'll be like this for a while, until I have more time to make it pretty again hehehe
I hope you guys like the page! :)